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One of the most important aspects of your vehicle is its tyres. If they’re not in good condition, you’re putting your health in danger. We’ve seen some really battered tyres over the years we’ve spent offering car repairs, car servicing, vehicle diagnostics and MOT testing to Marlow and all surrounding areas. To help you identify whether yours are in need of professional TLC, or changing altogether, we’ve put together a guide on tyre maintenance.

Keep in mind that if your tyres are compromised, and you’re caught driving around on them before bringing your vehicle in for car repairs/car servicing, you risk a fine of up to £2,500, as well as three points on your licence for each tyre that falls short of the mark. So don’t risk it! If, after reading the below, you’re still not 100% sure if your tyres are up to scratch, visit our garage in High Wycombe for expert vehicle diagnostics!

Looking After Your Car Tyres

Wear & Depth – Your tyres’ tread depth is how much grip they have. A wheel with an entirely smooth surface has no depth, while a road-legal new tyre usually boasts around 8mm worth. General driving will inevitably wear your tyres down. Once the depth hits around 3mm, it’s worth keeping a close eye on it and gearing up for a change. Around the 2mm mark? Visit our garage urgently. The legal minimum is 1.6mm, but riding them all the way down to this mark is not recommended.

The less tread depth you have, the longer it will take to brake in an emergency situation. This could make you more liable to an accident, which even if minor, could see you paying out for costly car repairs. Keep in mind that having a tread depth below the legal minimum will mean you fail MOT testing, so be sure to carry out some DIY vehicle diagnostics to see how yours is doing. If you’re investing in regular car servicing, then we’ll be able to keep tracks on it and recommend the right time to have replacement tyres fitted.

Pressure – It could be dangerous if your tyres are over-inflated or under-inflated, as your vehicle will handle poorly and be difficult to control in an emergency situation. Consult your vehicle handbook to see what the recommended tyre pressure is, and be sure to have it checked regularly. Be aware that tyres lose pressure naturally over time. We’re able to check and adjust your tyre pressure during car servicing / MOT testing / general vehicle diagnostics appointments at our garage, situated near Marlow in High Wycombe, or when you’re in for unrelated but necessary car repairs.

Wheel Alignment – Likewise, it’s important to ensure that your vehicle’s wheels/axles are properly aligned. To not do so will, at the very least, subject your tyres to uneven wear and mean you end up paying more because you have to replace them regularly. We urge our clients to come in for wheel alignment from time to time, as it can improve handling and fuel efficiency, and who doesn’t like to save money at the pumps? It also reduce the likelihood you’ll need to shell out for emergency car servicing or car repairs at some point in the near future, and prepares your vehicle to pass MOT testing first time.

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